So here’s where we cut to the chase, right? What’s it going to cost? You will find a simple price list noted below. I believe in keeping it simple. Neither you nor I need to complicate life with this sort of stuff.

The sitting fee for all types of portrait sessions is $200.

Portrait sessions last approximately one hour – sometimes a little longer depending on location. Your session will yield 20-30 edited images. Approximately two weeks after your session we’ll sit down together, I’ll explain the ins and outs of ordering prints or print packages and I can help with framing, display, or any custom order questions you might have. All print orders must be placed within two weeks of the viewing session.

A 4×6 spiral bound memory book is included in all sessions. I’m a firm believer in making sure you have some sort of hard copy record of your pictures . . . and some of you will never take the time to print all of your pictures and put them in a nice little book with the date n’ all. It’s okay, no worries, I’ve got ya covered.

Print and usage release is included in all digital file purchases, allowing you to print as many pictures as you want from a lab of your choosing. 

What to Wear


You’re not alone. This is the most frequently asked question I receive after a session is booked. Most of the time I try not to give too much input. After all, this is about you and we want your personality to shine! There are some general guidelines that you might want to consider though.


If we’re doing family pictures, each persons clothing should compliment, not copy others in the group. Select clothing first by color families – what colors look nice together? Then consider patterns and texture. Art is a balance between unity and variety. As you lay all the clothes out, ask yourself what elements unify the pieces and what elements add variety.


Consider your background. Are your pictures being taken in the fall with golden leaves behind you? If so, then golden yellow is probably not the color to choose. You want to stand out against your background, not be camouflaged. So what colors go well against that yellow/gold? I’ve seen some beautiful combinations over the years; turquoise, red, purple and even subtle colors like navy, khaki, and brown too.


Please no shirts with words. I have to put my foot down on this one. Unless we’re doing an advertisement for whatever topic your shirt speaks to, shirts with words don’t work. They’re too distracting from the face. The viewer’s eye goes directly to the wordy message instead of the subject, which is you.


Consider your feet. Will you wear shoes or go barefoot? Depending on the weather and the location we’ve chosen, you might want to bring an extra pair of shoes. I’ve done many sessions that have included a little wilderness adventure. Based on experience, let me suggest that you consider wearing your hiking or “can-get-wet-and-muddy shoes” and carry your picture shoes in a backpack.


What about accessories: hats, jewelry, scarves, and the like? These elements are great and can add so much personality to your pictures. I love them! Do be careful though, too much of a good thing can spoil it. One or two carefully chosen pieces will speak volumes and will be less likely to label your photo as trendy.


Print and digital packages are available beginning at $600. A La Carte product pricing begins at $90.

If you live in the Phnom Penh area, please email or call for session pricing and information.

Thank you!

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